Ever since I got my first pair of Jordan 4 White Cements as a 10 year old in 1989, I was hooked on sneakers. I didn’t always have the freshest pair, but I always had my own style. A big part of me wanted to be a sneaker reseller, but that market has been out for a long time by a lot of more experienced people with bots, which I don’t understand.
     I do understand business. I see that everybody wears sneakers, but not everyone has the same style as me of Jordan’s and Nike. All sneakers will get dirty however.
     The name SneakerDrip came from, well sneakers, and the fact that we want to look good in them. They say the first thing a woman looks at is a man’s shoes. I don’t know if this is true, but there’s probably some truth to it. And there’s an expression “walk a mile in my shoes”, well, if you ask me, that sneaker better be clean or I don’t wanna wear them. This is why I decided to go into the business of accessories. Your feet/sneakers are on the dirty ground 95% of the time you’re wearing them. Not only do your sneakers need to be cleaned, they may need new laces, some of us like to display them, some of us like to customize them, and we would all like to protect the investment we spend on our sneakers.
     Experience tells me, people don’t want to spend a lot of money on their sneakers after the initial purchase. I decided to become a more fairly priced middleman. I researched and found factories that would make the products that I thought would be important to anyone. Part of me thinks I’m taking a big risk, but the other part of me says I’m helping out millions of people by saving hard-earned money. That’s at the core of my beliefs, helping people save money. Right behind that is the customer service experience that is very important in any sales environment. I’m a customer too. I’m a sneaker head too. I too like when I can call a company up and talk to a human about my concerns. We’ve developed our website to make it very easy to contact SneakerDrip through direct messaging or email. We will be there for you.
     The bottom line for me was, how can I get the products that are already being bought into the hands of customers for a lower price. Our research observed lots of products and we took great care in buying products that were of high-quality and great value.
     We really hope you enjoy looking through our site, the music provided by Big Shake, and of course, the products that we are carrying.

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