Sneaker Cleaner Kit

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$15.00 + tax

includes 4oz deep cleaner, 4oz Rain & Stain repellent, premium boar hair brush, and microfiber towel
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This sneaker cleaning kit is a collection of products specifically designed for cleaning and maintaining the appearance of your sneakers. It includes a variety of cleaning solutions, brushes, and towel, as well as instructions for how to use the products effectively.

The cleaning solutions included in this sneaker cleaner set are specially formulated to remove dirt, grime, and stains from the various materials used in sneakers, such as canvas, leather, and suede. These solutions may include mild detergents, enzymes, and other ingredients that work to break down and remove dirt and stains without damaging the sneaker. The set also includes different types of brushes to help remove dirt and stains from various parts of the sneaker. For example, a stiff-bristled brush is great for removing dirt and stains from the soles, while a soft-bristled brush is better for cleaning the upper parts of the sneaker. The set also includes a microfiber cloth to apply the cleaning solution and to wipe off dirt and stains.


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